Say Cheese Ravensburger Puzzle

Home is where we gather to build puzzles

“Set up the card table. We have a new puzzle to work on!”

One of the charming memories of Home is gathering around the table to build puzzles together. It might have taken one evening or several weeks to accomplish. It may have been any night, or as a holiday approached with a correlating theme.

Puzzles bring us together in quiet conversation the way few other things can. And everyone can play a role from sorting colors to finding edges to the most intricate details.  Building puzzles is all about home and family.

A good puzzle is hard to find. And puzzle people are picky not only about the image of the puzzle, but about fit and peeling and dust – yes, dust. At Castle Toys and Games we look for dust in our puzzles. Weird, right? But a good puzzle – one that will look great and build well again two years from now –  is not so easy to find.

I found Linda (our founder) at the dinner table early in January working a puzzle that was sampled to her by a sales rep.  I thought it was very nice.  It fit together well and looked great. Later I found out that this puzzle was rejected because a piece had peeled at the edge a bit and there was a certain amount of dust in the box. Linda is a puzzle person. If you’re a puzzle person, you’ll want Linda choosing your puzzles.


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