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Pajama Plush Party

Friday, July 28th is our first ever Pajama Plush Party for you and your favorite stuffed animal or doll. Plan to arrive in your PJ’s at 6:00 and enjoy bedtime stories, a light popcorn snack (with toppings) and a fun craft. Say goodnight to your plush friend around 7:30 because your furry friend is spending the night in the Toy …

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Home is where we gather to build puzzles

Say Cheese Ravensburger Puzzle

“Set up the card table. We have a new puzzle to work on!” One of the charming memories of Home is gathering around the table to build puzzles together. It might have taken one evening or several weeks to accomplish. It may have been any night, or as a holiday approached with a correlating theme. Puzzles bring us together in …

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Spotlight on International Playthings

You may not know the name International Playthings but if you’re a regular shopper in our stores, you’ve probably seen and maybe purchased some of their products. IP, as they’re affectionately known throughout the industry, includes these and several other brands that you probably know: Calico Critters is a primary brand at Castle Toys and Games. We always have an inviting play …

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Spotlight on Hape

Hape (pronounced Hah-Pay) has been a favorite brand at Castle Toys and Games for years. We like everything about them. We like their Excellent Quality. We like their Simple Design. We like their Enduring Value. And we like who they are. Here’s their mission statement: “Hape believes that to play is in the DNA of every child, our job is …

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Spotlight on … Bruder Trucks

Bruder Land Rover Horse Trailer

“Just like the real thing” That’s the Bruder tagline. When we play with Bruder trucks we’re playing with those vehicles and machines we saw through the window as we passed a construction site earlier today. With moving parts and functional hoists, cranes, hoods and dumpers, these toys really get your motor running. From Monday, Sept. 26th through our birthday celebration …

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Where Do Fairies Come From?

Spotlight on Fairies! Fairies have been part of international storytelling for centuries and millennium. Here I’ve included a link to a thorough dissertation of all things Fairy rather than create my own research of the subject. I hope you don’t mind. I can’t imagine a more exhaustive presentation. See it at At Castle Toys and Games we’re celebrating Fairies …

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What Does the Tooth Fairy Bring?

Tooth Fairy Visit

What Does the Tooth Fairy Bring? I thought you may like to know what the Tooth Fairy brings at other homes. At Castle Toys and Games, we’re in the midst of a Spotlight on Fairies where we celebrate all kinds of fairies. Check out the featured Fairy Events and Special fairy offers here (coming). If your kids love to pretend to be …

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Spotlight on Magnetics Sept 7 through 10, 2016

Everyone Loves Magnets We all seem to be drawn to them (pun intended). There’s something universally attractive (sorry) about magnets. Maybe it’s because we really don’t know how they work – I mean we’ve all seen the science regarding the poles and magnetic fields and such. But even most scientists don’t really know why magnets repel and attract, or why …

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Waste Time Flying Kites

Spotlight on Kites

It’s a Complete Waste of Time That’s what I like most about flying kites. It’s Kites Week at Castle Toys and Games. So we’re shining the Spotlight on Kite Flying this week and offering 20% off all kites between April 25th and 30th, 2016. If your family is planning a vacation this summer or if you just want to spend a couple hours …

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What is the “Spotlight On” series?

Spotlight On! At Castle Toys in Games - Pittsburgh, PA

Our new “Spotlight On” series will help us show you some of our best products and lines. We often feel that we have so much cool inventory it’s hard to tell you about it all. For each Spotlight On product, line or class of items we’ll present What we offer, Why we love it, and How it can help you in …

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