• Sick! Science Slick Tricks

    Sick! Science Slick Tricks

    Ever wanted to be a magician? Now you can impress your friends and family through the magic of physi...

  • Sick! Science Fast Physics

    Sick! Science Fast Physics

    Learn all about the ways you can use physics for fun! NEWTON’S BEADS All it takes is a slight tug, a...

  • Royalty Club

    Royalty Club

    At Castle Toys & Games, we like to give our customers the royal treatment. From the moment you w...

  • Aero Zipp Double Pack

    Aero Zipp Double Pack

    High-speed ball launcher for lightweight foam balls. The ball is released from the launcher with bac...

  • Zano Bow

    Zano Bow

    Small, safe, compact and ready for use indoor or outdoor, the Zano Bow from Zing fits the bill for f...

  • Our Stores

    Our Stores

    When you visit our stores you’ll be greeted as you enter, welcoming you to our place. Our goal is to...

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